InterPro Global is a global leader in SmartSourcing, supporting and serving PEOs, ASOs, HRO and Staffing companies in the US for more than 11 years.

By SmartSourcing with InterPro Global, businesses can enjoy flexible access to optimal expertise, specialized knowledge, technical skills, staffing flexibility, low cost and best practices at a lower cost without forgoing control over their people and processes. InterPro Global supplements the ability of businesses to function more efficiently and successfully without losing focus on their core competencies.

Our ability and insight to understand our customers business helps us deliver best of breed synergistic solutions. Our strong domain and IT expertise enable us to deliver high quality service across the globe while remaining cost-effective. We build efficiencies to processes resulting in more value and cost savings to our clients. We deliver tremendous benefits to organizations from process efficiencies throughout payroll management activities and an unmatched level of certainty.

Located in India, we manage your processes offshore, while you focus on expanding your business and increasing your market dominance. We leverage the time difference to your advantage and achieve overnight turnaround time and mirror your processes and ensure process excellence at 40%-50% less than your current cost. Reduction in your current costs helps you offer services to your clients at a competitive price, giving you an edge over competition. You have flexible access to optimal expertise and can still retain controls over your processes in addition to savings more than 40%-50% on your current cost.

SmartSourcing allows you to re-deploy resources and to focus on strategic activities that increase revenue growth and build competitive advantage.