Benefits Support

For a PEO, Benefits Administration is a nightmare where there are huge losses due to the lack of audits. We at InterPro have an efficient, cost effective and a dedicated team to manage benefits. Our services include in depth audit of invoices, timely terminations, retro credits from carriers, correction of erroneous billing, and collection of back amounts from clients. While you focus on attracting the best and the brightest with world-class Group Medical and Dental, 401 (K) Retirement, Flexible Spending, Health Savings and Life Insurance policies, we focus on the time consuming task of managing benefits.

Workers Compensation Support

Workers’ compensation is another area where PEOs help their clients cut costs as the PEO’s workers’ compensation umbrella policy has lower rates than the client company. These costs are administered on a pay as you go monthly basis, however the PEOs end up paying more/less to the carrier leading to a loss/penalty due to lack of audit, incorrect payroll estimation and mis-classification of codes. By partnering with InterPro, you can be assured of enhanced tracking and auditing of Workers Compensation premiums.

Once a year, a PEO’s worker’s compensation policy is also subject to a painful annual audit and policy renewal. We at InterPro work with your auditors to ensure the annual audit and the policy renewal is conducted in an efficient manner, allowing you to be more profitable and productive.

  • New client Installs
  • New Hire Enrollment
  • Terminations
  • Status changes
  • Bill Downloads
  • Carrier & Client Reconciliation
  • Plans Set up into the payroll system
  • Cobra Administration and Recon
  • Flexible Spending Administration and Recon
  • Benefit Renewal Support/Audit
  • Payroll Estimation
  • Calculating policy rates from Carrier
  • Input billing rates into ERP
  • Carrier & Client Reconciliation ( Code Reconciliation – payment vis a vis billing to client)
  • Year End Audit
  • Loss Run update
  • New Client Installs
  • New Hire Installs
  • Terming EEs from TPA
  • Uploads and Payments to TPA
  • Reconciliation
  • Loan Maintenance
  • Plan set up in payroll system
  • Efficiency in time, effort and money spent on benefits and WC administration
  • Timely tracking and auditing
  • Reduce administrative burden
  • ACA and Statutory Compliance
  • Confidentiality, processing accuracy and meeting payment deadlines
  • Expert knowledge
  • Reduce internal staffing risks and training costs
  • Reduce labor and overhead costs
  • Allows your organization to focus on more value-added tasks
  • Better economies of scale
  • We work as an extension to your on-site team
  • Adhere to quality parameters
  • Help you ensure efficient, duly maintained and continuously improved processes.
  • MIS reporting by process experts